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Russian lacquer miniature - it is unique appearance decorate - applied art, connected with hand creation. The Russian lacquer miniature belong to special group art - the people of trade. The lacquer miniature - it is holiday word, which played rainbow flourishing, form, the beautiful find of the artist material. The group of the young artists inviting to met with productions lacquer miniature. The different by content and carry out, the author s works keep traditional school painting. The most number author works, presentation in our glare differ from the form and riches materials, used in work. Author s miniature un repetition, good imaging each artists and keep the warm soul of author. The made this works including in long planes group. The glare will be renovate, and filling with works artist, including the group, at the same works of artists, which in long time enter in rubric “ Our friends “ . For you! Dear friends, stay the chose and any wishes. Your wishes! You can leaf by address

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